Stelios Polychronakis specializes in the creation of atmospheric, evocative concept art,
and the creation of film sets, from design to completion. He is able to undertake any film-
related design work, from logos and posters to title sequences and storyboards. He is
also an accomplished classic 2D and stop motion animator.

He has completed projects in both the UK, working in the capacity of  Assistant Art
Director (“The Hours”, "The Gathering"), Graphic Artist (“Billy Elliot”, and “Cold
Mountain”), and in Greece, in the capacity of Designer and Animator (several short films
of fiction & animation, commercials, and events, such as the COJI 2005 Island Games
opening ceremony).

He currently works as a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University's Design for Film and
Television course in the U.K. He is also working on his new animated short film called "A
Night at the Cemetery".